Beverly Hills Civic Association in the News!



Since 1963 the Beverly Hills Civic Association has been at the core of community life in Beverly Hills. Regular Town Hall meetings provide a forum for those residing in the community to speak their mind and make suggestions to the Board of Directors and to various county leaders.Currently the Board of Directors meets on the last Tuesday morning of each month preceding the last Thursday all year round and Town Hall meetings are held Thursday evenings except no Town Hall meetings are scheduled for June, July, August, November or December. Guest speakers typically are elected  members of the Citrus County Board of Commissioners,the Citrus County Sheriff, the Citrus County Property Appraiser, the Editor of the Chronicle,the Code Enforcement Officer for Beverly Hills and other dignitaries. Town Hall meetings are held at the Central Ridge Community Center. Refreshments are served during each meeting. Meetings commence with a Boy Scout Color Guard leading a salute and pledge to the Flag and a prayer is offered by the President or one of the other directors.The Agenda at each meeting includes a public report by the President concerning finances and a brief summary of other activities. Current President Harvey Gerber noted his primary goal as the Civic Association President willbe to stimulate resident interest in what we're doing and maintain it. Harvey is writing regular columns in the Visitor and supporting addition of this web site on the Internet. Harvey noted the Association will follow the purpose stated in our incorporation documents to "promote the good will, interests and welfare of Beverly Hills".