In a unified effort to address a problem that had nagged our
community for years -- uncut, overgrown lawns -- the Beverly Hills
Civic Association initiated the Mow It program.

Beverly Hills, originally intended as a retirement or vacation-type community, laid itself open to the issue of overgrown lawns, as a sizeable percentage of the population were part-timers and were up north (or elsewhere) during the grass-growing summer seasons.

Exacerbating that problem was the decrease in percentage of home ownership,
the advent of absentee landlords -- or worse, no landlords or owners
at all -- due to foreclosures. The sheriff's office has stated many times that
"It only takes one ill-kept house to bring the whole block down."

Most of us are in total agreement.

At just $5.00 a year, it's the best investment you'll ever make.